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Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Jason Momoa announces that it's time to move on, citing that he's got one more season of Ronon left in him (past this coming season, one could assume in context). GateWorld - amusingly, appropriately, and perhaps prophetically - has crashed.

Not sure how to feel about this. I mean, it's two years away. I can't imagine Ronon will have run his course by then (judging from his general "I can't leave this galaxy until every last Wraith is dead" sentiment), so that probably spells Death with a capital "d". Then again, we don't even know if the show will last that long. Still, as much as I love it on its own, SGA without Ronon has become difficult to picture. I've used my Ronon/Shep OMGWTFBBQ icon in honor of my disbelief and disappointment.

In other news, I'm writing. And brainstorming. And most of it's original, even. This is momentous, trust me. Even if "No Rest For The Wicked" did give the little Sam character study I've had in the works forever a plot (and all I can say to that is "Damn you, Kripke."). Mostly, I lovingly blame my girls and boy and all their awesomeness. So inspiring. So insane.

I've reached that point in original workings where I feel guilty for having fic bunnies. It's happened before, but never quite like this. Every time I'm hit with some tidbit or sliver of insight, my brain berates itself - "no no no, idiot, write your own damn characters." I know it's a little irrational, but at this stage, I'm not sure it can be helped.

martinigrl and I had the strangest, coolest case of six degrees of separation in the wee hours of the morning, which is actually more like one degree. I've known G four years now, and we're just connecting dots that could have been drawn a long time ago. It's a small world after all, I suppose.

I need a vacation. *dreams of the coming retreat in NYC, away from my office, followed by a week in Charlotte, with nothing but a quiet hotel room and my laptop*
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