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Freudian? Why yes.

I stopped by Borders to pick up Kushiel's Justice and the new Emily Giffin, and as is my custom, perused the bargain shelves before I headed to the register. When I spotted Sarah Dunn's Big Love, my head immediately inserted a "Gay". What's worse, I didn't even process my mental slip of wishful thinking until I'd picked up the paperback, blinked at the cover, and had all my hopes of a literary ode to Slash in Space dashed.

The McShep is out of control, folks. Someone please shoot the iratus bug that's feeding on my brain.

On the other hand, darkmuse_ic is totally there with me. I am insanely, irrationally giddy that she's been swallowed by SGA. And that she completely gets the Dex obsession. There are no words for how much I adore that man. But if there were, they would be long. With many, many syllables.

Mmmm. Chicken club from Nancy's. Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, melted provolone, and seasoned mayo on garlic bread. Just looking at it is probably bad for your arteries, but it's so good.

Also, I love my girls (and boy).

That is all.
Tags: atlantis ate my brain, big (gay) love, go forth and fangirl, how sad am i?, ronon dex rules the galaxy, share my squee dammit!
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