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Fangirls United.

A few quick things before I get back to the demanding Dex bunny.

- kalenodonnell and myself are taking part in this weekend's Support Stacie Chat-A-Thon, organized to raise money and awareness for truelovepooh and her battle with cancer. You can pledge a donation via PayPal (or bid on the silent auctions) through the Support Stacie website, and chat with some of the best fic authors in the game now through Sunday afternoon. K's up tonight at one a.m., and I'm on tomorrow morning at nine. All times are CST.

- Since my muse seems to be firmly entrenched in the world of SGA, I've signed up for lantis_lims. If you're an icon-making fan of the show, come join the fun.

- john_teyla_fic is having a John & Teyla Thing-A-Thon. It's open to writers, artists and vidders, prompt-based, and can reflect either the friendship or a romantic relationship between our favorite Flyboy and his awesome Athosian leader.

That's all for now, folks. Ronon calls.
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