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Paired off.

There was a stealth bunny attack at two this morning. I ended up writing half a fic in my head, desperately trying to fall asleep. Damn you, plot bunnies, and your rabid persistence!

That said, I really love the idea.

Have a meme.

List six ships you like. Number them from 1 to 6.
01} Ronon/Keller (SGA)
02} Kara/Anders (BSG)
03} Oliver/Chloe (Smallville)
04} Ephram/Amy (Everwood)
05} John/Teyla (SGA)
06} Michael/Liz (Roswell)

List three ships that you used to like, but not anymore. Number them from 7 to 9.
07} Clark/Chloe (Smallville)
08} Buffy/Angel (Buffy)
09} Pacey/Joey (Dawson's Creek)

List three ships that you don't like. Number them from 10 to 12.
10} Max/Liz (Roswell)
11} Clark/Lana (Smallville)
12} Derek/Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)

List two ships that you're curious about, but don't quite ship. Number them from 13 to 14.
13} John/Aeryn (Farscape)
14} Derek/Cameron (TSCC)

Why don't you like 11? (Clark/Lana)
Do I really need to answer that? Lana is a prime example of The Chick trope going very, very badly. And Clark, with her, resembles nothing of the Superman I know.

Do you know anybody who ships 13? (John/Aeryn)
darkmuse_ic. And miniglik, just a tad. :)

What would be your ideal circumstances for couple 3? (Oliver/Chloe)
I'm kind of writing it, in a way. But at this point, I'd just be happy if Ollie got Chloe the hell away from Smallville (both town and show). Then maybe they could build the Watchtower (the comicverse Watchtower), say, somewhere in the Pegasus Galaxy, Chloe could be Atlantis' master hacker, and Ollie could teach Ronon how to use a longbow. He wouldn't even need a vocal distorter! Then they could populate Atlantis with brainy, snarky kids that would adore their Uncle Rodney (thereby driving him nuts), and all would be right with the world. Or something.

What's your favourite episode/scene of 1? (Ronon/Keller)
Um, hello "Quarantine". Apart from the kissus interruptus (with the shift! And the lean! And the smelling of hair!), the Ronon look of smutty hopefulness, and the mess hall scramble that almost had him falling out of his chair, there was the talking. He talked to her about Melena - something he wouldn't do with John, and we haven't seen him do with even Teyla. More than that, he volunteered the information. That alone is cause for cheering on this pairing.

Since when do you ship couple 6? (Michael/Liz)
Since forever, it seems like. They're my oldest fandom pairing, and I've been writing them the longest (by a mile).

Why did you stop shipping couple 8? (Buffy/Angel)
Because Buffy was my least-favorite character on the show, and Angel was completely uninteresting (and borderline unbearable) with her. Now if we're talking Angel/Cordy, that's another story.

You have the power so that one couple doesn't exist. Pick either 10 or 12. (Max/Liz or Derek/Meredith)
TEN! My god, ten.

What do you prefer, 2 or 4? (Kara/Anders or Ephram/Amy)
As much as I love my married BSG folk, I have to go with Ephram/Amy. They were my first conventional couple OTP, and are still my biggest.

What interests you about 14? (Derek/Cameron)
Probably that it's got all the makings of a truly fucked-up pairing, and I never could resist those.

When did you stop liking 7? (Clark/Chloe)
Right about the time Clark starting acting like an ass. Oh wait, that doesn't exactly narrow it down. I always had a love/hate relationship with these two, starting with the first season. But love don't live here anymore.

When you lost interest for 9, did you lose interest in the canon? (Pacey/Joey)
I always have a problem with one character walking all over the other in an unending cycle, especially when the wronged character keeps coming back for more. Pacey had his faults, as all characters do, but he didn't deserve the yo-yo effect. And since he was the only reason I watched the show (apart from Jen and Jack's occasional awesomeness), I absolutely lost interest in canon.

What is a song that reminds you of 5? (John/Teyla)
Given their epic UST, that's a hard question. I think Sara Bareilles' "Between the Lines" is pretty fitting, from John's POV. Or, considering season four, Dishwalla's "Candleburn".

Which ship do you like the most?
I seem to have lost a great deal of my shippiness over the years. That said, I'm probably most attached to holding out hope for Ronon/Keller, and the idea of Oliver/Chloe.

Which one do you like the least?

If you could make two of these couples have a double date, which two would you choose?
Ronon and Keller have pizza with Michael and Liz, after saving the world from the joined forces of Hybrid Michael (the other one) and Khivar. Two alien broken boy soldiers and the strong, scientific women who love them. That would be ten kinds of awesome.

Has the second couple kissed yet? (Kara/Anders)
Among other things.

Did 4 have a happy ending? If the canon isn't over, do you think it will end well? (Ephram/Amy)
They did! There were pledges of everlasting love, poignant background tracks, and even a ferris wheel. A good time was had by all.

What would make you start shipping 13? (John/Aeryn)
Finishing the show will probably do it quite easily. :)

If only one could happen, which one would you choose: 2 or 6? (Kara/Anders or Michael/Liz)
Well one is canon, and the other should have been (damn you, Katims). Plus, I'm still a Polar girl at heart. It's an easy decision.

You have the power to choose the fate of 10. What would happen to them? (Max/Liz)
Rocks fall, people die. And by people, I mean Max. But he'd stay dead this time.
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