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Showrunners toy with my emotions.

From Joe Mallozzi's blog (aka The Treasure Trove):

Keller’s Patient writes:
"What’s Jason on about a Ronon/Keller/McKay scramble? Is this just an episode or a season long plotline, Joe??"

Answer: Tracker.

Now, uh, I'm not sure if he's toying with us here and just skimming on the basic episode premise, or if he's actually acknowledging what those slashes imply. As forthcoming and fan-appeasing as he is, Joe's tricksy. But I find myself kind of hoping it's the latter. *see icon*

Dammit. When did this become a shippy show for me?

Speaking of... This article has been popping up everywhere on my f-list, prompting the My TV Meme. And when in Rome...

Stargate Atlantis: First and foremost, it will always be The Ronon Dex Show. Because I'm sad that way. Frequently, it's also The My Team Trumps Your Team Show, The Shep Owns O'Neill (And Maybe Even Mal) Show, The Meh On Weir Unless She's Bucking The System and/or Evil Show, The Recurring Continuity Rocks Show, The TAC Vest? Ronon Needs No Stinkin' TAC Vest! Show, and The Star Wars On the Small Screen Show. For the first three seasons, it was The Teyla Could Be So Much Cooler Show, until this past season, when it became The Teyla Finally Has Something To Do! Show. And most often, it's The Best Professional Fanfic Ever Show (subtitiled "Seventy-eight Times The World Almost Ended, and That One Time It Kinda Did").

Supernatural: Initially, The I Tried It For Ackles Show, which soon became The I Loved It For Ackles Show. Somewhere in there, it turned into The I Kinda Like Sammy Show, then The Holy Crap, When Did I Start Loving Sam? Show. It's always been The Best Brothers Ever Show and The All The Best Hunters Have Daddy Issues Show. On the flip side, it's also The Prerequisite For Awesome Is a Y Chromosome Show and The Failboat (Women, Children, and Brown Folk, Please Step Out of The Lifeboats) Show, which continues to suck.

Battlestar Galactica: The Name That Dysfunction Show (starring Kara Thrace), The Anders. Samuel T. Anders. Show, The Saul Motherfucking Tigh Show, The I Love Helo, But Somebody Cut Him Down From The Cross Show, and The It's Gaius, Not Jesus Show.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Other Reese Show, The Heroine Isn't As Strong As She Should Be Show, The Cyborg Out Of Water Show, The My Emo!BangsOfDoom Trump Peter Petrelli's Show, and surprisingly, The Character of Color Done Well Show.

Smallville: The I'm In Your Fandom, Fucking With Your Mythos Show. Does that sound bad? Because it is. Also answers to The Luthor Legacy Show, The Too Little Too Late Show (closely tied to The Oliver Queen Breath of Fresh Air Show, and The Even Amisdt The Suck, Marsters Is The Man Show), and The Death To Lana Lang Show. Mostly, it's The Chloe Sullivan Carries The Show Show, which was enough to sustain me thus far, but has faltered as it rapidly deteriorated into The Maybe It Won't Suck This Week Show.

Farscape: The Best CrackFic Ever Show, The Claudia Black Continues To Win At Life Show, The Browder Tries His Damndest To Make Up For Cameron Mitchell Show, and The Blue Women Are Sexy Show.

Limited to the shows I'm currently watching, as including past shows would take me all day.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to curse miniglik for introducing me to TV Tropes. Specifically, the Five Man Band trope. It's been fun fitting my new shows in - TSCC, for example, was pretty damn easy to assign. And I've spent entirely too much time breaking down my shows, and groaning when the examples they have listed are utterly, completely wrong.

Not all of them - Firefly is fairly accurate, for example (Mal as The Hero, Zoe as The Lancer, Jayne as The Big Guy, Wash as The Smart Guy, and Kaylee as The Chick). But others - Stargate Atlantis and Farscape, for example, have me scratching my head. Shep is absolutely the hero, and McKay is unquestionably The Smart Guy. But it seems fairly obvious, to me at least, why Ronon is The Lancer (down to the deep friendship with The Hero, the questionable Team Player attitude, and the love of most things Morally Grey), Teyla is The Chick (the team's heart, moral compass, and social buffer; the ongoing will-they-or-won't-they drama with The Hero; the overall Team Mom vibe), and that they share Big Guy duties. Then again, one could argue, justifiably, for Teyla as The Lancer and Ronon as The Big Guy (or the other way around), and Carson as The Chick. Or Beckett could indeed be The Sixth Ranger, with Weir as The Chick, or vice-versa.

It's interesting, though, that my Team doesn't quite fit into any one box. miniglik and I have talked about it - because I've seen enough of Farscape to know that their example list should raise a few eyebrows, particularly in The Chick territory - and come to the conclusion that the square pegs in round holes actually makes for a better dynamic, and therefore a better show.

I always did like bands to be multi-talented, myself.
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