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Oh fandom, you have violated me.

I spied with my little eye an SGA/SPN crossover. Never one to resist a good matchup, especially with my two big shows, I eagerly clicked. And I read for several solid chapters, with good characterization and a unique plot. There was some Ronon/Shep subtext that caught me off-guard for a minute, not because of the pairing but because of the timing, but it was amusing in its execution, and when all is said and done, I am an equal opportunity Dex fangirl. I begrudge no one their Ronon. Besides, they're all kinds of adorable together, in any capacity. Don't try to deny their epic friendship.

Somebody write me "The Ballad of Ronon and Sheppard", plskthnx.

At any rate, things were going well. And then, things came to a screeching halt. Because, folks, then came the Surprise!Buttsecks. But not just any buttsecks, oh no. Surprise!Buttsecks of the Wincestuous variety.

Now, this is not the first time I have been Wincested on the sly. Remembering my previous encounter, and reliving it today, I just wanted to whip up a quick plea for the folks on my f-list who may write in that arena: please, please warn for Wincest (or Weasleycest, or Petrillicest, or Crazy Space Incest). Even if it's just in the pairing rundown. I practice the "don't like, don't read" method, since it's my mammoth squick but may not be yours, but it's hard to avoid if you don't know there's a reason to.

Also, my grand plan for data rescue did not work. *insert sad face here* Am now contemplating calling in the Geek Squad (and being sad that they are not the Nerd Herd, as Chuck would make this whole process slightly more bearable).
Tags: curses! foiled again., don't try to deny their epic romance, drive-by posting, oh john ringo no
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