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Tell 'em why you mad, son.

I am so tired of ignorant people.

I've been back and forth for the better part of an hour, trying to decide whether or not to post about this. I love SGA as a show. As a fandom, it's kind of the wankiest thing wank has ever known. I've tried to steer clear of that hot mess for a good long while, most recently with the "Teyla as a maid" drama (and that, dear f-list, took a great deal of willpower). I should have known better. When you won't go to the wank, the wank comes to you.

After an insanely-long workday, which culminated in dropping a computer tower on my foot, I get home to find the following private message in my inbox:

Hi I love your icons, they're erally gorgeous. I'm just wondering - why are they all of Ronon? I checked out your profile and I know it says characters of color in your interests but were you planning on making more of the rest of the team? Any posibility of some McShep coming up? That would be great thanks.

Now, there was a way to ask that question. Truly, there was. And you, fanbrat, missed it by a mile.

Before your little plea for slashy goodness, you could have asked if Ronon was my favorite character (he is). Or if I was just in a Ronon mood (I was). Why did this have to be a race issue? Why?

There isn't even a linear line to the conclusion you drew. No, you had to go look up my profile to try to validate your stupidity. In fact, I've taken a little looksee at your profile, and it seems you're a TSCC fan. But there were no questions about my exclusively-Derek icon post. No not-so-subtle hints that perhaps you'd like to see some Cameron, or a little John.

I swear, privilege is truly galling. Even in fandom. Perhaps especially in fandom. If my post had been nineteen icons of Carson Beckett, I'm willing to bet that I never would have heard from this girl, nevermind in a private message. The fact that she did it in a PM, instead of posting a public comment, makes me think that she was fully aware of the hackles it would raise. No one ever questions the epic posts of nothing but Sheppard, or McKay, or Sam and Dean Winchester. But one post entirely made up of a character of color makes someone not only question the motivation, but imply that a) I have some epic agenda, designed to populate the interwebs with brown folk in tiny little squares, b) that I have something against the melanin-deprived, and c) that I somehow owe them a post of the lead white characters to make amends.

Newsflash, honey: there are more than enough white faces in small boxes out there. Honestly, take your pick. My paltry post is not going to be the death of your OTP, start an uprising, or form the Satedan Panther Party. I don't need to justify the reasons why I choose to fangirl a character of color, when I would never have the need to for a character who wasn't.

And I don't owe you shit.

In hindsight, I'm less tired of ignorant people - because they're a sad fact of life - than I am of trying to educate ignorant people. I shouldn't have to open up an entry window and explain all the reasons why your message was offensive. I don't know why I did, since it won't help, anyway. If you're actually reading this, I'm sure you're rapidly blinking at the screen, mouth agape, sputtering to yourself about what you meant. I know what you meant. It's just sad that you don't.

My icon, BTW? Ronon's making ready for the bitchslap. Brace yourself.

Somebody please pass me the Excedrin for Racial Tension Headaches.
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