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Squee for two-hundred please, Alex.

So um, how am I just hearing about "Tracker"?

Ronon. Keller. Rodney. Random new runner. We know there will be hostage situations. I hope, considering RandomRunnerKiryk's young and ailing companion, that there will be a Ronan-esque story behind her presence (and all the guilt that implies). One can assume, since several scenes will involve no one but Ronon and Rodney, that there will be massive amounts of snark. And perhaps, miracle of miracles, we'll actually get some tension and/or resolution to each man's respective Keller moments (not drama, mind you, because neither I nor Ronon have the patience. But throw a girl a bone.). To all of the above, I say a resounding "yes, please."

And as if that wasn't enough, 5x09 will see the triumphant return of EvilWraithTodd. With Teyla masquerading as his queen, no less. My Todd love knows no bounds (but may have increased exponentially when Ronon blew them both to bits with a smile).

Note to self: do not listen to the "good death" fic bunny. Back away from the bunny.

Now all we need is Carson minus his stasis chamber, and all will be right with the world.

Oh show, you make me so happy. I didn't think it was possible to have less patience than I do with SPN hiatus(es) - hiatii? - but apparently I was sorely mistaken. Is it July yet? *grumbles*

Actually, is it August yet? Because I've got Golden Tickets to CreationCon, in all its Browder-filled glory. And Zelenka! My lack of excitement over Michael Shanks just proves how far SG-1 had fallen since the glory days of old.

That Damn Derek Reese went and scored himself a full-time spot on the roster, thereby ensuring the continued coolness of TSCC. It is a proud day.

This wasn't supposed to be a post chock-full of fandom squee, but I guess it had a mind of its own. That said, something's on the horizon, dawning possibility (and, quite honestly, the advent of terror). Cross your fingers for me.
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