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Taking stock.

In honor of my first good fic cry in forever, I thought I'd round up my all-time favorite pieces. Kind of made me realize that I don't actually read many fandoms. Heh. I toyed with the idea of Honorable Mentions, but that got out of hand very quickly. Besides, I kind of liked the challenge of narrowing all the great down to the single best. Some of my choices surprised me. It goes without saying, for some of these fandoms, that stories are subject to change.

When Heroes Go Down (They Go Down Fast) by buffyaddict13
Gen | Sam, Dean, Andy, OCs.
The Alpha and Omega of apocalypse fic. I often blame miniglik for making me a raging Sam girl, but Buffy had a huge hand in it as well. Her Sammy is truly a thing of beauty - she's crawled beneath his skin and laid everything bare for our angst-drenched enjoyment, and it's never better than it is here, trying to put all the broken pieces of his psyche back together. If your heart's not lying in a shredded pile at your feet by the time you're done, you're reading it wrong.

Stargate: Atlantis
Hero For a New Age by smittywing
Gen | Ronon, Rodney, John, Teyla, Sam, Lorne
Starts with John's Reed Richards complex and Rodney's Batman envy, and unfolds to reveal symbolism and respect and understanding. With comics. Ronon is positively glorious here, slotting each member of the team into their respective places, first in the strange graphic universes of superheroes and then among the heroes of his own past. But his quiet insight is the star of the story, that battle-honed perception with aim truer than his gun hand. Pitch-perfect character voices, Rodney in particular, are just the icing on the cake. Glorious, glorious, glorious.

Ice in Crystal by juliefortune
Gen | Inara, ensemble.
Short and anything but sweet, it's hits you like a punch to the gut, welcome because it's so on - Inara is regal and deadly, everything she should be, and Zoe has never been better. A hard read, but the best so often are.

Poison by polarthestral
Het | Michael/Liz
Speaking of... Hello, darkness. There's something delightfully twisted at the core of this, and that it stems from Little Miss Innocence herself, cold, clever, and carefully calculated to drive Michael mad... well, therein lies the brilliance. That she gets caught up in her own game is all the more satisfying. The hardest choice to make, considering the company, but I go back to this one every time.

Broken Ballerina (Song of My Soul) by behrbemine
Het | Ephram/Amy
There's something special about this slice of time, where everything hovered, unknown and undecided. What's caught here is that sense of collectively-held breath, but even more, the knowledge that change is coming, whatever the outcome. Quietly, powerfully beautiful, and so very, very Ephram.

Flying Lessons by Teresa Kay
Het | Chloe/Clark
Clark takes to the skies, and Chloe makes it happen. She's in rare, perfect form here - a snarky, supportive dynamo who helps change along when she knows she's helpless to stop it. A lovely, wistful look at what should have been and what can never be.

...Or Perish by dontyouwaitup
Het | Noel/Felicity
One day, I'm going to find JJ Abrams, tie him to a chair, and make him read this. Just starting the first few lines is enough to remind me why I loved Noel Crane so much, and anger me on his behalf all over again. If fic is meant to fix canon's mistakes, this passes with flying colors.

And All the World Beneath by seperis (SGA/SPN)
Slash | Dean/Shep, Rodney/Shep
The cause of the aforementioned tears. This fic absolutely broke me, in the best way possible. Even beyond the lore and the ebb and flow and the perfect prose of it, the imagery that was utterly gorgeous, what struck me most was Dean's insight. He saw, instictively, exactly what I love about each person on the team - Ronon's devotion, and the bonds that feed it; Teyla's peace, and the power it brings; John's maddening, foolish sense of honor and duty that struck too close to home. I bawled like a baby. Beautifully, heartbreakingly perfect, every word of it.

If you'd like, share your all-time favorites with me. Share the wealth, folks.
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