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Well bleh. Also, death (and squee)! But mostly bleh.

Home sick (and you do not want to know the extent of it, trust me). I should be curled up in a ball weeping for the loss of my digestive track, but I'm propped at the computer writing (albeit barely conscious) because kalenodonnell and I are being responsible. Damn scripts. Damn competition. Damn dreams. Ugh.

That said, it's going well. *thumbs up*

I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I gave up a spot in my top five fandom men after as many hours of television. How easy am I? Joining the likes of Malcolm Reynolds and Dean Winchester in five episodes? And one of those doesn't even technically count, since there was a two-hour finale. But how can I be blamed? Such is the power of Derek. He's all darkness and duty and determination, like Dean with a dash of Dexter. It's glorious.

Also, I may be a little mesmerized by the darting and staring. I swear the man has entire conversations with his eyes. And they're meaningful. And painful.

We won't mention who he knocked out. It'll only get me stoned to death by the angry mob.

I'm going to kill miniglik. D-E-D dead.
Tags: drive-by posting, fandom: the sarah connor chronicles, how sad am i?, i'm a fandom whore (ask me how!), that damn derek reese
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