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Grrr, Argh.

My muse is such a bitch.

She's completely aware that I have a few mid-length and several epic WIPs to finish. She just doesn't seem to give a damn. My first OTP, Roswell's Michael and Liz - and everything having to do with them - seems to be on indefinite hiatus in my brain. And I don't know if it's because the show is long-cancelled and fading from favor, or because I've picked up so many new fandoms that are just flat-out better shows, some by leaps and bounds.

On second thought... if the latter were true, my brain wouldn't be bombarded with angsty Clark/Chloe goodness. So scratch that one.

Either way, there's an idea parade trampling down the streets and alleyways of my mind, and it's not going to Roswell. There's original material and spec script stuff - which, right now, kind of takes precedence. There's a heapload of Firefly and a sprinkling of Supernatural. There's some Sam/Sharon, a slice of Anders introspection, and the Starbuck crack!fic that's all but beating at my eardrums to escape (and isn't that just like Kara?). Roswell's completely off the map, and the little dot is shrinking in the distance.

What's worse... I'm not even sure I mind.

I know that's going to freak some of you out (yes, Twin Terrors, I'm looking at you). And I'm really, really trying to channel something here and finish the things that I've started. It just seems like there are never enough hours in the day, and when it comes down to it, in the face of every other fandom I've come to love... Roswell feels like work.

Except for Kyle. Kyle, for whatever reason, has stowed away on Serenity or hidden himself in the Colonial fleet, because he's still stirring up there, gumming up the works. So maybe there's hope yet.

Bleh. Moving on.

Ganked from catchmelike... This week's spn_fridayfive.

1. What's the quality you admire the most about the Winchester boys?
Faith. They have seen things and know things most of the rest of the world is (thankfully) blind to, but their faith in each other never wavers. Not really. It's tried, it's tested, but it doesn't fail. At this point, it's kind of essential to their survival - in Sam's case, especially. And we all know Dean's a cynic, and that's he's jaded, and that he's going to be the smartass in the face of the serious. He may not believe he can save Sam when it comes down to it, truly save him, but he believes that he has to do everything possible to try. More importantly, he believes in Sam. No one ever said belief had to be attached to deity. He can call it what he wants. It still comes down to faith.

2. Pick a character you would think about naming your kid/pet/etc after.
My first thought was a line from a chick flick (remember in "It Could Happen to You", when Bridget Fonda told Nicholas Cage that her ex-husband wanted to name their first child "Al Pacino Biasi"?). The ultimate in SPN would have to be naming your kid (or possibly your pit bull) "John Winchester insert-last-name", for what I suspect is the same reason - the man is a badass, pure and simple. I wouldn't do it, personally, but the thought persists. :)

3. We can see that Sam and Dean (perhaps on the surface) are presented to have rather contrasting attitudes. Do you think the brothers got along well as kids, or would their personalities have been too different for them to get along?
I think they were probably very much the boys we see now. They fill very textbook, typical sibling archetypes - Dean is the sacrificing-but-resentful eldest, and Sam is the selfish-but-fiercely protective baby. We've seen it in the present, and we've seen it in flashbacks - cereal incident, anyone? I don't think the question of them "getting along" can be easily answered. In a lot of ways, Dean raised Sam. And in a lot of ways, neither of them is done growing, because they still have a very heavy shadow of the past painting them into corners. They obviously have differences that any normal pair of brothers would have, heaped on top of the burden that John has saddled them with. That's a lot for two kids to carry, but it's even heavier alone. Ultimately, I think that's their strongest link. That's what bonds them together and makes them each other's most important person - they didn't just have to grow up, they had to survive their childhood. And in a life full of strange beds and uncertainties and things that went bump in the night, they had each other as the only real constant. So maybe they got along at times, maybe they didn't. That's typical. But they always got by, and that was everything.

4. In Season 1, the episode titles were usually one or two words, and the majority had a very obvious link to the episode. In Season 2 though, titles are becoming more phrase-like, and perhaps more mysterious-sounding. Why do you think there is this shift over the two seasons?
For the record, I hated most of the S1 titles. I mean, what was going on in the Writers' Room that resulted in these train-wreck titles? "Hmm... now, the story is about a man. A man with a hook. And he's preying on innocent teenagers..." "Oh, oh! What about 'I Know What You Did Last'- no, wait." "Come on, people, think outside the box! A man, and a hook..." Ugh. Ugh. You have no idea how happy I was the day I went promo pic-hunting and ran across "In My Time of Dying". I swear there was a joyful chorus of Hallelujahs. And I'm hoping that the shift happened, honestly, because the braintrust got a swift kick in the balls.

5. How do you feel about the Season 2 episodes starting to "recycle" the old, already-used monster-of-the-week from Season 1?
Honestly, there have been so many high points this season that I couldn't care less. Yes, a couple eps have regressed things a bit. But everything is better than last season - the arc, the dynamic, the writing... have I mentioned the titles? They're hitting a great stride, freaks of the week or no. Far be it for me to try and fix what isn't broken.

Check out the lunatunes meme and find yourself a friend.

Off to torture Photoshop until something decent emerges, because these damn flowers are driving me crazy.
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