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Boo-Boo the Fool.

In years past I've struggled to cull my viewing habits, somehow unable to relegate shows I like just enough to watch in real time to "I'll Catch It In Reruns" land. I've tried to cut back during previous seasons, with varied success - resisted the pull of Alias and 24, dropped Prison Break once they broke, never meshed with Veronica Mars, waffled on Lost until my island viewing was limited to premieres and finales. But shows seem to multiply like bunnies (and for once, not the plot variety), and with every one I lost, I seemed to gain two more. Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, New Who, Bones, House, Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights.

My ultimate goal has always been to limit myself to one show per night, even if the scheduling doesn't work out that way. Five was always the mythical, magical number. The unattainable number. But this season a clear division has emerged, a hard and fast line between shows I like and shows I love. And for the first time in a long while, I feel like I could actually do it. Not to mention that I should - the bunnies (plot this time) have been busy, and it's long past time I got serious about writing characters who actually belong to me. So it's time to say goodbye to others. In prime-time, anyway.

Supernatural will always be my go-to show for squee, snark, and sibling dynamics. Like I could ever give up the boys. Chuck has emerged as my little show that could, full of fresh humor and an endearing cast. House has wormed its way back into my good graces, with newly minted ducklings and newly revived House/Cuddy/Wilson goodness. Pushing Daisies continues to be wonderfully written, beautifully acted, and generally win at life. Dexter, meanwhile, continues to be the best damn thing on television. (Don't believe me? I give you Exhibit A. Recap of ze first season - spoilers ahoy.)

There it is, folks. One show a night, and fandom has never looked better.

It's interesting to note what links these shows, beneath the surface - each has at least one exceptionally strong supporting character, one I like to call the Arch Sidekick. That piece of the cast specifically designed to challenge our protagonist - push them, goad them, occasionally kick them in the ass. It's unique for SPN, obviously, as Arch Sidekick can be either Sam or Dean, depending on the storyline. But Chuck has Casey (did you really think I was going to say Morgan?), House has Cuddy and Wilson, glorious Wilson, Ned has Emerson, Dex has Doakes (even if he doesn't want him). Looking back at my all-time favorites - Firefly (Zoe), Angel (Spike), Everwood (Harold, Bright), BSG (both Kara and Lee) - Arch Sidekick is always well-represented.

That said, if Chi McBride doesn't hear his name come Emmy time, there is no justice left in Hollywood.

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