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You know what makes a crappy day instantly amazing? Coming home to find a package in my mailbox always helps - I love boxes and padded envelopes and all the wonder they may hold. Never before, though, has one been quite so wondrous (except for maybe my Casey cap. That one still holds the record for Most Consecutive Package-Related Screams. But I digress.)

A few days ago, jola bought massive amounts of the precious from my liquidation sale. She's not only a fellow SPN flailer and all-around Deangirl - which is cause for instant bonding - she's also a hometown girl. After singlehandedly funding about a fifth of my new mattress (and no, I'm not exaggerating), she requested my address, saying she had a surprise for me. Five points if you figured that said surprise was in the aforementioned package. I'd ask for guesses as to the contents, but never in the world's wildest, Djinn-inducing dreams could anyone pull this out of thin air.

Nestled inside a black tulle bag was a silver chain sporting a large square pendant. On one side, the Supernatural title card was scrawled over black. On the other, a picture of The Ackles... accompanied by a charm of a slice of pie. I kid you not. I have a pie!Dean necklace. And suddenly I'm tempted to bestow the world's supply of BPAL to lovely jola and all her sweet generosity.

Tags: fandom: supernatural, how cool is that?, the precious
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