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A few more things...

One of these days, you'll all get sick of my random posts of nonsense.

Today, however, is not that day.

There's nothing like your baby cousin's high school graduation to make you feel geriatric (nevermind that her brother will soon pass the legal age of consumption, and has requested that you take him downtown to imbibe). Coding for LJ is the mark of the devil (I know. I checked. There's a little pitchfork next to the "compile" button, and it laughs maniacally with every click). And Brothers Winchester, I love you, but I'm thisclose to wanting absolutely nothing to do with you, your casefiles, or your car for a good long while (three weeks left. Three weeks. Then it'll all be over. Out, damn spec!)

miniglik: Dude.
miniglik: Smallville puts their boys HALF NAKED in chains. What's up with SPN not doing that?
freneticfloetry: well smallville is... smallville.
freneticfloetry: it has to do SOMETHING to keep us interested.
miniglik: Heh
miniglik: True.
miniglik: STILL
miniglik: I feel gypped
miniglik: Of course, I'm still waiting on my whole "wet jeans and nothing else" fantasy
miniglik: There has to be a good reason for that!
miniglik: (Reminds me of the discussion on TWOP where we were discussing how "worn laundry" should have been the ghost repellant, not salt. Therefore they could be all "Dean! The demon! Throw your pants at it!")
freneticfloetry: LMAO

At least I'm well amused.
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