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Getting to know you...

Hola, new friends. I'd say that most of you were from the SPN Friending Meme, but then, I did that multi-fandom meme a couple weeks back and slacked on an intro post then. Regardless, never fear - I am here now. And, inspired by miniglik, I want to hear a little more about everybody. (And that means everybody. Even all you Polarists I've known for millennia.)

Leave a comment, and tell me your:

Place you call home:
Favorite word ever:
Food you could eat every day:
One random fact and one pet peeve:
Fic reader, writer, both, or neither?
What's your most unique fandom stance (i.e. the beloved character you hate, the unpopular show you adore, the ship no one else gets, etc.)?
If you had to pick one song, one show, one film, one character and one pairing to watch, listen to, ship, or read/write for the rest of your days, what (and who) would they be?
You have the power to bring one person (real or fictional) back from the dead. Who is it?
Best fandom of yours that I'm not watching (or reading)?
What's your ultimate crack crossover pairing?
Joss, Kring, or Kripke? (This is my journal, therefore J.J. Abrams does not apply.)
The Apocalypse Smackdown: Sylar vs. the YED. Who wins?

(Note on that last question: If you watch neither Supernatural nor Heroes and are not one of the aforementioned Polar folks, I'm not quite sure how you made it onto my friends list. Are you lost?)
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