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Bored at Work post of the day.

Heroes continues to be the best thing ever, besides Supernatural, Christian Bale, and Plastic Winchester Theater. None of those have Peter, however, so we'll stick with Heroes for now.

I've come to the conclusion that the Petrelli boy is only hot in extremes. Peter in his default state (aka emobangsofdoom!Peter) - meh. Sarcastic!Peter, logicboy!Peter, and tonight, roadrage!Peter - hot. (Future!Peter is in a league of his own, as he possesses and wields the fire of a thousand suns.)

Also, I need a big ass fly swatter for the Incest Fairy and her magical moment dust. It's such a shame, though, as they're so unbelievably pretty together. Not as pretty as our brothers Winchester, but then, what is?

Heidi can walk! Praise the lawd, it's a miracle. Speaking of pretty, though... Nathan and Heidi are blindingly gorgeous as a twosome, in that blue blood and silver spoon, smile-for-the-cameras, "our children are being raised by a crack team of nannies" kind of way. Still, striking.

Father and son swordplay is all fine and good, but wee!Hiro is priceless.

Papa Bennet shot Eric Roberts in the head, which is something I've always wanted to do. (Seriously. Since Best of the Best.) I've tacked it on to the long list of reasons why he wins at life. In related news, Mohinder wounded Greg Grunberg in the head, which makes me love him a little less. No touchy the Greg, Suresh.

I officially like Candice, which makes this show three-for-three on character conversion. Micah is a badass-in-training, but I am not surprised. Why, you ask? Because his father is the baddest of the bad, el ultimo badass, and must be worshiped as such. Now just don't bleed to death, DL honey, and all will be right with the world.

Seriously though - it stands to reason that, since Sylar gains power through absorbing (and by absorbing, I mean eating) the brains of other heroes, and DL is clutching his wound with a hand covered in Linderman's healing brain matter, perhaps he'll squeak by. I still wonder, though, if Linderman can heal himself.

Ted's dead, baby. Ted's dead. (And suddenly, I want to watch Pulp Fiction.)

Has anyone else noticed that the more evil Sylar gets, the better he dresses? It used to be hoodies and baseball caps. Now it's full-length trench coats in wool/cashmere blend, and all of it screams "I'm a criminal mastermind, ask me how". I don't know if that's intentional or what, but it's a stroke of genius.

So in short...

Dear Mr. Kring,

Your brainchild is marvelous, and I worship at its altar every Monday. However, a few things... If you could find it in your heart to let DL and Ando live, scar Peter hotl- er, horribly, give Mohinder half a brain, and alter Claire's DNA, I'd love you forever.


Next week, the battle royale. Smackdown!Peter? Also hot.

Why is there no good Peter/Niki? It's disheartening. I haven't found a single decent fic (I found one with a promising premise, only to stop reading immediately when the author referred to "future!Peter" in the fic. No joke.).

I finally watched the SPN special features (yes, I know). Three things. First, greatest gag reel ever. And that includes the infamous "dirt nap with baby Jesus" clip from Serenity's cutting room floor. Second, undeniable as the unparalleled beauty of Jensen is, Jared's smile is made of sunshine and moonbeams and quite possibly holds the secrets of the universe. And third, how did I not know that Jensen throws knives?! I have serious knife kink. Well, pointy objects in general, really. And watching him hit a bullseye with a dagger nearly made me faint.

Am now contemplating the anonymous sending of throwing stars, since just knowing he had them would make me all kinds of happy in my special place.

Oh look, students! Off to do actual work.
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